Local police of Reggio, great commitment but the workforce marks -62%


By John

«The completion of the installation of electronic gates on the Corso is nearing completion: the choice is to make this living room of the city more liveable within a virtuous path of traffic education». This was announced by the commander of the local police, Salvatore Zucco, illustrating the activities for 2023; not only of control of the territory but also projected into society with an active and effective participation in city events of socio-cultural relevance, such as the Corrireggio up to other moments of aggregation. «The days of 4 and 5 December with the “Katedromos” project which involved over 900 students from the city's middle and primary high schools were certainly among the most beautiful pages shared with the community» admits Zucco. The occasion is the fireplace organized by the Rotary Sud Parallelo 38 «desired – explains the president Enrico Paratore – to represent a moment of meeting between the community and the institutions that act as a safeguard for the safety and legality of the metropolitan territory”.
«We were born on the street and we don't just administer fines», begins Zucco, with 25 years of activity in the local police under his belt, 4 of which in Reggio. «In Lamezia there were more cars than policemen; here, as soon as I arrived I faced a lack of equipment and inadequate situations, just think that the emergency response took place on the Pandas, while today we have 43 vehicles and also pedal-assisted bicycles at our disposal”.