Locri, the police track down a missing 24-year-old and avoid a suicide


By John

Luckily it lasted a few hours the alarm in Locri for the disappearance of a 24 year old boy Cremonese who, after having written a farewell letter from the Chiari suicidal intent addressed to his parents, he had voluntarily left the house where he was spending the Christmas holidays, losing track of himself.

The father reported his disappearance and, having no further news of his son, turned to the Locri police. Immediately, after having collected the first information and carried out the first investigations, at the request of the local Carabinieri Company, the coordinated metropolitan intervention plan for the search for missing persons was activated by the Prefecture of Reggio Calabria.

After 4 hours of uninterrupted searches, he was found near the “Gerace” river. The boy, at the sight of the soldiers, with a knife in his hand, threatened to take his own life. Thus, after a long process of persuasion, the young man desisted from his suicidal desire and handed over the weapon to the Carabinieri who took him to the barracks, where his father was waiting for him.
The boy was then entrusted to the care of healthcare personnel who accompanied him to the Locri hospital.