Locri, victim of false accusations: alleged smuggler acquitted after two years in prison


By John

The Court of Locri, in collegial composition, acquitted of the charge of aiding and abetting illegal immigration aggravated by having favored the entry of more than 5 people clandestinely, by exposing migrants to danger to their lives, by being subjected to inhuman treatment or degrading and from having acted for profit, the Turkish citizen Al Ghan Ibrahim, 44 years old. The judges in Piazza Fortugno accepted the conclusions resigned by the defence, represented by the lawyer. Carlo Bolognino, of the Court of Locri, who insisted on the acquittal of the charge with a largely liberating formula, while the Prosecutor's Office had requested a sentence of 6 years in prison and a fine of 983 thousand euros.
A case, at least apparently, completely “superimposable” to that of Marjan Jamali, the young Iranian also on trial in Locri and to whom in recent days the Review Court granted house arrest in Camini, where she was able to reunite with the little son. The trial against her will resume on June 17 before the Court of Locri.