Social card 'Dedicated to you', 676 million allocated: 500 euros from September. Here's who has the right to it


By John

676 million have been allocated for the 'Dedicated to you' social card, 500 euros per card, with an increase of 40.3 euros, and 30 thousand more beneficiaries, 1,330,000. Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida said this at the presentation of the new edition of the map at Palazzo Chigi. The ministerial decree launching the measure was signed on June 4, Lollobrigida said: «All beneficiaries will have the card available by September». New purchase categories have been introduced such as PDO and PGI products, frozen vegetables, baked goods, tuna and canned meat.

Who is entitled to it: the ISEE requirements required

In total 1.33 million cards will be distributed. The decree establishes that the beneficiaries will be families resident in Italy with a valid ordinary ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros. Furthermore, the “Dedicated to you” card will not be assigned to those who already receive: “Inclusion allowance; Citizenship income; Shopping card; any other measure of social inclusion or support for poverty which provides for the provision of an economic subsidy (a national, regional or municipal level)”. Not even to those who receive “Naspi or monthly unemployment benefits for collaborators; mobility allowances; solidarity funds for income integration; earnings supplements; any other form of salary integration, or support in the event of involuntary unemployment, provided by the State”.

INPS will prepare the list of families who meet the requirements and will send it to the municipal administrations. To decide the beneficiaries, the Municipalities will have to give priority to “family units composed of at least three members, of which at least one was born by 31 December 2010”, then to those with “at least one born by 31 December 2006”, and finally to families with at least three members. Always favoring those among these who have the lowest ISEE. Consequently, families of one or two people may be considered excluded, and those with dependent adult children may also be excluded.