Towards the vote, Montalto “three-pronged”: D'Acri, Faragalli and Viafora between cultural relaunch and social renewal VIDEO INTERVIEWS


By John

Montalto Uffugo is preparing to face an important electoral round. A decisive appointment for the political and administrative future of the city, which represents one of the protagonist municipalities of the urban area. The Montalto people are also very confident in a result that can call upon concrete skills and projects to govern the territory that can set it on a path of development. The fight to win the title of mayor is intense. The heated political climate. Three candidates for mayor, 304 aspiring city councilors, 15 thousand voters, 20 sections, the important numbers of a challenge that would also lead to the hypothesis of a possible runoff. But it will then be the polls on June 8th and 9th that will give substance to the hypotheses and decide the winner. Mauro D'Acri, Biagio Faragalli, Emilio Viafora are the competing competitors that we met to address the great emergencies of the area with them and learn about their actions. An interview, in fact, on which the three candidates for mayor responded and reported and then concluded with their appeal to vote. The proposals of D'Acri, Faragalli and Viafora outline three distinct paths, each with its vision for the future of Montalto Uffugo, a town full of unexpressed potential. A holistic approach to the relaunch of the Montalto area is that of Mauro D'Acri and his group made up of 9 lists. The core program of candidate Biagio Faragalli and his 9 lists concerns a cultural and infrastructural relaunch. Emilio Viafora aims to renew the social fabric, supported by a list, which, for his part, focuses on strengthening the sense of community and identity.