Mammoliti (Pd): “The remodeling of the hospital network is good. We will monitor to protect Serra San Bruno and Tropea”


By John

“The recent one remodulation of the hospital network reorganization plan regional which provides for the inclusion of a safeguard clause to guarantee the permanence of the hospitals of Serra San Bruno and Tropea, even in the period following the construction of the new hospital in Vibo Valentia, must be welcomed and confirms, in full, the total validity of the concerns that, several times, in recent months, I had manifested in relation to the risk of closure of the aforementioned nosocomsi”. This is what the regional councilor of the Democratic Party, Raffaele Mammoliti, stated in a note.

“My concern was so great that, last October, I presented a specific question to President Occhiuto in which I asked to know for what useful and valid reason, in the part of the document referred to in DCA no. 198 of 12 July 2023 dedicated to the “New Hospitals”, had the rule been inserted which provided for the absorption of all the existing beds in the hospitals of Serra San Bruno and Tropea, intended for acutely ill patients, within the new hospital of Vibo Valentia , once implemented. At the same time, I highlighted how this rule, resulting in the loss of the few departments still functioning, would inevitably lead to the closure of the hospitals in Serra San Bruno and Tropea. Thanks also to my request, today, finally , I note that President Occhiuto and the commissioner structure that heads him have decided to begin to seriously address the difficult problem of the organization and distribution of the hospital network, even if we still understand that it is a work in progress. In fact, the clause included in the new hospital planning provides for an ex post verification, in the sense that the current facilities of Serra and Tropea will be subject to a re-evaluation to understand the role they can continue to play subsequently and compatibly with the construction of the new hospital. In the meantime, the expected increase in bed spaces in Tropea and Serra San Bruno is appreciated. However, I will continue to ensure that these objectives are maintained even after the end of the electoral campaign, in order to guarantee the Vibo hospital network the necessary investments for effective strengthening”.