Maneuver: bridge over the Strait, approval for the remodulation of funds. No extension for the Superbonus


By John

Night session of the Budget commission trying to close the budget dossier. The intention is to close the vote on the amendments in the commission by today, to mandate the rapporteurs to report to the Chamber on the 20th, where the general discussion would begin. While the vote of confidence on the maxi-amendment and the final vote will be held on the morning of the 22nd.

The government will not present the amendment that gives senior doctors the possibility of retiring at 72. “Such an important topic at this time risks being the subject of too hasty a debate so the government is considering re-presenting it on another occasion”, explained the Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani. The idea was to raise a The retirement age of medical managers and university professors is 72 years old, while for nurses the age remained at 70 years. «The government text already provided for a 70-year pension on a voluntary basis for medical and nursing staff, many requests to modify the text have arrived from the majority and the opposition, and the government is in favor of extending the possibility to 72 years also extending it to university professors of the medical faculty”, Ciriani said in the afternoon.

But the amendment had brought doctors back to the barricades, after the strike two weeks ago for pension cuts: it is «an insult to the profession, just to save some lobbies. This time we will set up the barricades and we are willing to call new strikes immediately. Public health cannot be saved this way”, says Anaao Assomed, the main hospital doctors’ union. Meanwhile, today the doctors but also the vets and health workers of the NHS are crossing their arms for 24 hours: a protest proclaimed among other acronyms by the CISL and which puts around 25 thousand surgical operations at risk. However, the debate remains open, and we will try to negotiate until the end.

Green traffic lights

The Senate Budget Committee gives the green light to the government’s four amendments to the budget which include, among other things, the remodulation of the funds for the Strait Bridge with part of the resources taken from the Cohesion Fund. Ok also to the control room for housing hardship and to the funds for competitions for the safety sector. There is also approval for the amendment with which all 40 million of the ‘treasure’ for parliamentary changes due to the opposition were used to combat violence against women. The majority also voted in favor. Applause in the commission after the measure was given the green light.

The rapporteurs’ amendment to the housing measure passes. Ok – so – to the specification on short rentals desired by FI therefore the dry coupon it is 21% for one of the rented houses and 26% for the others. Ok also to the concessions for the guarantee fund on mortgages on the first home for large families and also based on the ISEE.

No changes to the Superbonus coming with the maneuver. Among the amendments to the budget presented during the night and approved by the Senate Budget Committee, there is no intervention on the Superbonus.