Goal Collection young, Torregrotta and Fair Play close their 2023 with victories for the U14s. Rain of goals among the U16s


By John

Last remnants of youth football, in the year 2023, from the national to the provincial championships. Our segment starts from ACR Messina who regained the 3 points in the Primavera championship, on the Sorrento pitch. The match was decided by Michele Crisafulli’s goring at the end of the first half. Double internal challenge for Giovanissimi and Allievi against Virtus Francavilla, solitary leaders in both categories. Goalless draw for Giuseppe Cosimini’s U17s, with the U15s narrowly losing. The Under 15 Regional team, under the age of one year, also ended with a defeat in the Bisconte match against Gi. Between. Milazzo. Morvillo scored for the biancoscudati, Mamertini who lowered the poker with a brace from Del Bello and goals from D’Amico and Duca.

Fair Play Messina, which observes the rest period with the U17 league leaders and the U15 Elite. Successes by the U14s, against Calcio Club Santa Venerina and New Eagles. Rain of goals, 14 on the scoresheet, for Domenico Chiofalo’s boys who dominate the scene against Catania Nuova.
Torregrotta also did well, obtaining the only victory of the day with Mirko La Macchia’s U14s. Three to one for the Torresi, against Academy Sant’Agata, with goals from Gitto, Pulito and Giunta.
Our journey, among the fields of the province of Messina, ends here also for 2023, goodbye already aimed at the new year with the post-Befana round which will mark the first minutes of football played. Tonight, starting at 9pm, the usual window into the world of young people. Fuorigioco live broadcast is broadcast on the official channels of Wesport and Gazzetta del Sud.