Maneuver, Mattarella signs: 26% coupon confirmed, no 22% VAT on diapers


By John

The president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella authorized the presentation of the budget bill to the Chambers. This was learned from the Quirinale. The maneuver approved by the State Accounting Office consists of 109 articles. The text of the provision confirms lincrease in the dry tax rate for short-term rentalswhich was the subject of the agreement in the majority. The coupon rises from 21% to 26% in the case of destination for short-term rental “of more than one apartment for each tax period”.

No VAT at 22% for baby diapers: next year the rate will rise from the current 5% but will stop at 10%. This is foreseen by a measure of the maneuver, in the version stamped by the Accounting Office, which reintroduces diapers among the products with reduced VAT. In the first drafts of the budget law these products had been cancelled, together with powdered milk and female sanitary pads, from the list of those with VAT at 5%: but while powdered milk and sanitary pads had been included in the list of products at 10%, diapers were left out and from next year they would return with VAT at 22%.

Spending review

It exceeds 821 million euros for 2024 reduction of the financial allocations of expenditure for ministries. The tables in the stamped text of the budget law estimate this. The amount of the spending review will rise to around 900 million in 2026. From 1 billion to just over two and a half billion in three years: this is the amount of the cuts to the ministries indicated in the annexes to the budget approved by the Accounting Office. The largest contribution to the spending review will come from the Mef, which alone will take on over a billion in budget reduction. Followed by Defense with 200 million, Mimit which will have to cut 197, Foreign Affairs 167, Labor 150. University and research 129 million, Infrastructure 126, Interior 121, Education 100 million. Culture will have to cut 71 million, Justice 55, Health 54, Agriculture almost 33, Environment 27 and Tourism only 11.

From funds for the Taranto Games to the Milan metro

From funds for the Mediterranean Games in Taranto to the Milan metro: the maneuver also includes a series of micro-financing which will be worth a total of 210 million in 2024. In fact, one of the tables of the budget law provides: 265 thousand euros for 2024 for the Savona cableway system; 30 million in 2024 and another 50 for the following three years for the construction of a campus of the University of Milan; 120 million over 6 years for the completion of a project on health facilities “for translational research”; 145 million over three years for the “emergency system network” of the Lazio regional health system; 125 million in three years for the Taranto Games and finally 20 million for 2024 and 2025, 40 for each year until 2029 and 40 per year from 2030 to 2038 for the construction of the M4-M5 metropolitan lines in Milan.