Maneuver “postponed” by the EU. Giorgetti: “Everything as expected, let’s move forward with healthy realism”


By John

“We accept the commission’s judgment. Everything as expected: despite the legacy of the negative impact of energy and superbonus, we move forward with healthy realism.” Thus the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti on the opinion expressed by the commission on the maneuver.

Garavaglia (Lega): “The madness of the super bonus impacts the maneuver”

«Then there is the madness of the Superbonus 110 which impacts one point of GDP, therefore less tax revenue and one point of net debt. So if the rule is 3% (ceiling of the public deficit with respect to GDP envisaged by the Stability Pact, ed.) for us it means 2%. This enormously complicates the closing of the budgets and it is for this reason that the maneuver has a one-year front. It would have been wrong to go further, not having a complete picture. Now everyone is happy with the international judgments received, but it also went well because it was a prudent and serious move.” Massimo Garavaglia, president of the Senate Finance Committee, said this. in video link with the ‘Asvis live’ event organized in Rome by the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development.

Foti (Fdi): “EU rejects super bonus”

«Full satisfaction on the part of Fratelli d’Italia for the judgment of the European Commission which promotes the budget law of the Meloni government. The only reservation concerns the super bonus disaster, created by the Pd-5stelle government. Their responsibilities are evident.” Tommaso Foti, group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, declared it on the news.

Damante (M5S): “Meloni loses face with Europe”

«Another failure for the Meloni government’s maneuver. This time it is the European Commission that is criticizing the centre-right executive, because there are no plans to use the resources saved from cutting subsidies against high energy costs to reduce the deficit.” This was declared by M5s senator Ketty Damante. «Therefore, citizens are doubly penalized in this way. Europe then points the finger at one of Giorgia Meloni’s great workhorses, the famous cut in taxes on labor which, according to the Commission, would be a measure of limited scope. Not only that: the EU is also accused of having canceled a fundamental measure such as the citizen’s income and of having eliminated public investments financed at a national level. Far from ‘the fun is over’: with this maneuver the Meloni government completely loses face in Europe. We are faced with a maneuver devoid of measures for growth, devoid of investments and any industrial policy, but rich only in cuts and new taxes. How can it contribute positively to the economic development of the country? The Meloni government, however, carries on, without listening to the country’s requests, not caring about the social partners, debasing Parliament and eliminating democratic debate. There really is something to worry about.”

Boccia (Pd): “Maneuver criticized by the EU because it is not sustainable”

«The Meloni government’s maneuver, criticized today by the European Commission as not credible and not sustainable, affects the pensions of doctors and women, cuts resources to municipalities which will inevitably cut services to citizens, does not combat the high cost of living. Tomorrow the Democratic Party will propose measures to defend jobs and public health and to protect wages.” Thus the president of the dem senators Francesco Boccia speaking with journalists