Marine Protected Area, here is “Milazzo Fest”. The inauguration of the “Lab di Lory” sea room is expected


By John

The former barracks as a meeting place. This was one of the objectives of the restyling carried out last summer and which gave a new face and new usefulness to that area of ​​the AMP. An area, that of the former barracks, entirely recovered to give new use to the spaces within the AMP and to enjoy a further glimpse of the panorama. Speaking of events, the Milazzo Fest will begin on December 23rd, a day entirely dedicated to the sea and environmental education. On this occasion, it will be inaugurated “Lory’s Lab”a room by the sea that bears the name of Loredana Bucceri, an employee of the municipality of Milazzo who had worked hard on the project and which, due to a sad fate, was unable to see it completed. From 9.30 on 23 December the environmental education activity will begin with the consequent display of typical products which will also be the subject of tasting at the end of the day. This will be followed at 11am by the inauguration of the Sea Room, and a whole series of fun and recreational activities. A taste of the sea room was had in the summer, when the Marine Protected Area organized two evenings in which through augmented reality it was possible to admire the seabed of the Capo Milazzo AMP, discovering a world made of corals and many species of fish, experiencing the sea as if you were immersed in the crystal clear waters of Capo Milazzo. The “Lab di Lory” project was managed by AMP and Interreg Italia-Malta Corallo, through the European Regional Development Fund.