Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea, “no” to the new waste plant: Pietrafitta on a war footing


By John

The councilor’s decision was not welcomed favorably by the Mazzarrese municipal administration, which will also evaluate any initiatives in this regard. Elena Pagana to cancel the decree with which, on 7 October 2022, the positive environmental impact assessment was released for the project proposed by the Srr Messina-Province to build a hub in the Zuppà district, in project financing with the multinational energy company Asja Ambiente plant for the production of biomethane and compost from waste. Decision dictated, on the one hand, by the documentary deficiencies in the project and by the need to postpone the interventions for the safety of the adjacent former waste landfill closed since November 2014.
«Regarding the provision in question – comments the mayor Carmelo Pietrafitta –, shared evaluations are underway to understand the initiatives that we deem useful to implement. It seems clear that, for our part, we can only express disappointment at what can be seen from the decree signed, anomalously, exclusively by the regional councilor Elena Pagana, under her responsibility, without it being accompanied by the signatures of the technicians, disregarding the opinions of the CTS as well as those issued by the various bodies involved. At the end of the discussion, which will take place jointly, we will take a joint decision which we will be responsible for bringing to the attention of the communities we represent and which it is our duty to protect in every respect”.