Membership of the company “Messinacque”, a Commissioner “obliges” Milazzo


By John

What was feared is coming true. The Region has appointed the commissioner to approve the privatization of water, in place of the municipal council which expressed itself negatively.
In recent days, Dr. Maurizio Onofrio Sciortino took office at Palazzo dell’Aquila following a decree issued by the regional energy councilor with the task of replacing all the preparatory and consequential obligations for the establishment of the company mixed public-private “Messina Acque spa” for the management of the integrated water service of the Ato Messina. An act that the political forces of Milazzo rejected last July 27th by not approving this provision. The commissioner however implemented it by also approving adhesion to the statute and also giving a mandate to the Municipality to commit the sum of 51,000 euros as a share to be paid to the company being set up.
The share capital of the joint venture to be set up – 2 million euro – has the following composition: public shareholders with a 51% share, private shareholder with a 49% share. Of the 92 Municipalities, Messina will have a share in Messinacque of 19.483%, Barcelona of 3.334%, Milazzo of 2.575%, Patti of 1.067%. And so on depending on the population present.
But the territory of Milazzo (and not only) is in revolt and believes that a forcing is being carried out that will end up the Municipalities, including Milazzo, right now, in a blind tunnel.