Cosenza, sporting director Gemmi analyzes the market: “We have also moved forward for the future”


By John

The sporting director of Cosenza Roberto Gemmi analyzed the transfer market just concluded in the “Bergamini” press room of the “Marulla”. The Neapolitan sporting director offered various ideas during his speech.
The first concerns the question of renewals. The list of eight players whose contract expires will soon be positively updated: “Martino and D’Orazio have already signed. With Calò, Venturi and Voca we are at a good point. We have already made progress in this direction and we will continue to work in this perspective” . The contracts of Marson, Rispoli and Meroni also expire on 30 June 2024.
Gemmi then spoke with pride about the step taken by the company: “There was a desire to take a step forward. This was also the reason for my stay in Cosenza. I had other professional opportunities but I chose to stay to take a step together that this city deserves. It does not deserve to be downgraded We dealt with important names, I sat at all possible tables. We negotiated for any player, then we made some evaluations once the range of opportunities was clear. The playing field will tell us how many centimeters we will be able to gain compared to the recent past.” .
Finally, he sent an awareness message: “I have a dream, I want to see grandstand B full. Everyone deserves it, it’s not a good sight to see it so sad every time we take the field. It was a pride of this city, we have to sell a different image of it therefore I ask anyone can lend a hand to do their utmost to contribute to the reopening. We must join all forces to achieve this goal.”