Messina, Alessandro Siani’s curtain at the Marina del Nettuno with chef Caliri


By John

Shooting began in Milazzo on June 30th. The title of the film is “It happens even in the best families” and is the latest work by Alessandro Siani, produced by 01 Distribution (Rai). Also in the cast Dino Abbrescia and Sergio Friscia. And the three have been protagonists in recent days at the Marina del Nettuno with chef Caliri. A nice curtain, a bet at the base not to pay that ends with a “here we eat well”.

Alessandro Siani, also author of the subject and screenplay together with Fabio Bonifacci, in the film is Davide Di Rienzo, the least accomplished person of an apparently perfect family. The death of his father, an excellent professional and unreachable model, upsets everyone’s balance and certainties: Davide, his mother Lina and his brothers Renzo and Isabella. But with the Di Rienzos, dramas make you laugh and family tragedies become a wild comedy, with an unexpected problem to solve. Many twists and secrets revealed will be for Davide, who has always been the black sheep of the family, an opportunity to prove himself the most sincere and talented of all.