Messina and its devotion to the Madonna della Lettera, eight dioramas tell the story of the ancient cult


By John

The link between Messina and the Madonna della Lettera told thanks to eight exclusive dioramas. This is the initiative of the SiciliArte association which also this year organized the exhibition “The Madonna of the Letter, Patron Saint of Messina, miniature art“. On 25 and 28 April, inside the S.Maria di Portosalvo church in Viale della Libert√†, ten reproductions will be exhibited which retrace the main stages of the ancient Marian cult which has distinguished the city of the Strait for centuries. Since the arrival of Saint Paul in 42 AD at the delivery of the letter of blessing by the Blessed Virgin.

The miniatures were created by Sicilian master craftsmen who enthusiastically accepted the invitation of Professor Carmelo Ariosto, creator of the event. During the exhibition, which can be visited with free entry from 9.30am-1.30pm and 3.30pm-6.30pm, workshops will also be organized with qualified personnel for the creation of ornaments and decorations that recall the historic religious cult.

The exhibition benefits from the important patronage of the Sport, Tourism and Entertainment Department of the Sicilian Region. Among the objectives, as Ariosto himself recalls, is to tell tourists about the ancient religious tradition also through various illustrative activities starting from the viewing of films.