Messina, buried (or almost) the electoral “war” hatchet


By John

“There’s a time for everything,” he said Marcellus Scurria in July of a year ago, when he left his “creature”, Arismè. Apparently without controversy, actually breaking up with the former mayor Cateno DeLuca, who has never spoken of Scurria since then (and perhaps not even “with” Scurria). «I am embittered and disappointed, I did not expect this betrayal from the city. I wish the new Messina parliamentarians good luck and the Messina people who, at this point, will be represented by others”, he vented, however, Matilda Syracuse in September, yes elected deputy, but not in the constituency of Messina, at the culmination of two electoral campaigns seasoned by the harsh attacks of Deluchians.
Seeing both of them again yesterday at Palazzo Zanca, alongside the Basile administration, suggests that it’s true, there is a time for everything. And that this is probably the time to definitively bury the hatchet. «Today I am here with another role – explained Scurria yesterday – and it is thanks to the Hon. Siracusano, who had understood that an impasse had arisen, and I won’t say anything else. It is clear that dealing with the issue with special powers is different from doing it with ordinary powers. It can be said that we have worked wonders with the agency. Today, however, I want to thank the mayor and the administration because, in fact, we have always worked together».
A few pebbles Matilde from Syracuse, albeit with style, took it off: «The synergy is there and has always been there, only that it was denied during the electoral campaign. But what matters is the need to work as a team. Recovery cannot be a terrain of political confrontation”.