Messina, Cateno De Luca on the investigation into the Vallone Guidari landfill: “The first to allocate funds for safety”


By John

“I express full confidence in the judicial institutions and in their investigative work.” Thus the leader of ScN, Cateno De Luca, comments on the conclusion of the investigation by the Messina Prosecutor's Office, which entered him in the register of suspects, together with 13 other people, for an affair that concerns the period in which he was mayor in the city of the Strait. Among those under investigation there are also the IV parliamentarian Dafne Musolino then councilor for the Environment, the regional deputy of ScN Giuseppe Lombardopresident of MessinaServizi at the time, and the former mayor Renato Accorinti. The investigation focuses on the disused Vallone Guidari landfill in Larderia, which was seized in 2011; then the investigation was opened, which was extended in 2020. De Luca recalls that it is “a landfill that has been closed for decades and for which the undersigned has begun to commit funds for safety that had never been allocated before”.

«I am convinced that light will be shed on every aspect relating to this matter and that any responsibilities will be ascertained in a transparent and fair manner – continues De Luca – I want to firmly reiterate that we have always acted in compliance with the laws and in the best interests of the Messina community as this of a required act deriving from the environmental code which identifies the mayor as the legal representative of the entity where the landfill is located”.