Messina, extraordinary checks by the Carabinieri: two arrests. Two girls reported after being found drunk while driving


By John

In recent days, the Carabinieri of the Messina Centro Company have intensified controls throughout the territory of their competence with particular attention to the areas of greatest influx of the city center, but also in the more peripheral areas, such as the more decentralized ones of Viale Annunziata. Patrolling services have therefore been implemented with the setting up of control posts, even in the evening and night hours, aimed at combating crimes in general, especially those of a predatory nature and those connected to drug trafficking, as well as violations of the Code of Street.
During the road traffic checks, over 50 cars and more than 70 people were checked and several violations of the Highway Code were reported. Furthermore, with reference to crimes related to road traffic two newly licensed girls were reported to the Judicial Authority for driving under the influence of alcohol. Checked while driving their cars and subjected to breathalyzer tests, the two young people were found to have blood alcohol levels higher than the limits allowed for driving a car.
As part of drug checks, 5 people were reported to the Prefecture of Messina as drug users, as they were found in possession of a total of 40 grams of drugs, including cannabinoids and cocaine, held for personal use. The drugs were seized and sent to the RIS Carabinieri in Messina for laboratory analysis.
During the service, the Carabinieri of the Messina Giostra and Messina Ganzirri stations had toto execute two separate detention orders ordered by the Peloritan Judicial Authority against a 70-year-old and a 36-year-old, sentenced to serve prison sentences in prison custody for predatory crimes and crimes related to drug dealing.