Messina, Gazzi prison. The FP CGIL: “Escalation of violence. A change of management direction is needed”


By John

High tension week spent inside the Gazzi prison because of numerous attacks suffered by police officers. The FP Cgil calls for decisive action. The prison police officers spent a very troubled week inside the Messina prison. Days characterized by fights, insults of all kinds, physical attacks on staff and an attempted hanging by a prisoner.

“We express great concern regarding the precarious and unsafe working conditions for prison police officers who daily, with great sacrifice and contempt for danger, carry out their institutional duties”.

This is the comment of the Secretary of the FPCGIL of Messina Francesco Fucile and the provincial coordinator Giovanni Spanò, compared to what happened in the last few days at the Messina prison, «when inside a detention section four officers, demonstrating appreciable professional skills and commendable operational skills, foiled at the last minute an attempt to hang a prisoner . What happened the next day in another detention section was a totally intentional situation, where the one who got the worst of it was a prison police superintendent who, in an attempt to get back the keys to the cells stolen from a prisoner, risked breaking one of his hands. hand. A similar event occurred in the “Cellular” Department where another Officer was brutally beaten by an inmate only in order to obtain a timely transfer to another penitentiary institution of his liking.

The FP CGIL offers great applause to the officers who prevented the suicide attempt and even more, expresses maximum solidarity and closeness to those who were victims of the attacks. For these events, we once again urge the Management to consider the work of the policemen susceptible to evaluation by the Rewards Commission of the Department of Penitentiary Administration in order to give greater professional motivation in their commitment to the penitentiary police personnel who, today more than ever, feels discouraged and abandoned to himself. We also ask that measures be implemented to protect prison police personnel, effectively calling for a radical change in management direction.