Bridge over the Strait, Bellisario Foundation: there must be a woman on the scientific committee


By John

«There should also be a female presence in the scientific committee with technical consultancy duties for the supervision and direction of the technical project activities for the construction of the Bridge over the Strait of Messina. We are certain that the Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini, which in the next few days will, as required by law, set up the committee, will not fail to include a scientific presence expert in the matter.” He says it in a note Marcella CannariatoSicily Region delegate of the Marisa Bellisario Foundation.

«We believe it is necessary that gender equality is respected even within this committee and female intelligence and excellence in the field of scientific disciplines and specializations are valorised, as well as professional skills and experiences present throughout the country, then particular in the regions involved, Sicily and Calabria – underlines Cannariato -. This is a very important body foreseen in the decrees and composed of 9 members chosen from among subjects with adequate specialization and experience. In fact, the scientific committee operates according to principles of autonomy and independence and expresses an opinion to the board of directors of the Stretto di Messina company, regarding the definitive and executive project of the work and its variants”, he concludes.