Messina, Ligabue’s double concert: all the info on roads, parking and permitted routes


By John

Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December Luciano Ligabue will sing at the PalaRescifina in Messina for two unique events in Sicily. The tour of the Emilian rocker’s arenas, produced and organized by Friends&Partners and Riservarossa, opens the doors to the largest sports hall in the city, adapted as best as possible by the mayor Federico Basile’s administration to host large events other than the sporting context. The event will be organized by Puntoeacapo, the Development Association, Il Botteghino and GG Entertainment, in collaboration with the Municipality of Messina. A different setlist for each concert, in which in addition to some songs contained in the new album “DEDICATED TO US”, there will be no shortage of the hits most loved by the public and many other surprises that will make each concert unique. On stage Luciano Ligabue will be accompanied by “IL GRUPPO”: Fede Poggipollini (guitar), Niccolò Bossini (guitar), Max Cottafavi (guitar), Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Ivano Zanotti (drums) and Davide Pezzin (bass). Having entered directly into first place in the official FIMI/GfK ranking of best-selling albums and vinyls, “Dedicated to us” is the fourteenth unreleased album and the twenty-fifth record release of his over thirty-year career.

Doors open: 6.45pm fanclub barMario / 7.00pm public entry
Box office opening: 5pm
Start of show: 9.00 pm
For reasons of public order, the entrances will be manned and controlled by security personnel.

As with all public events, to facilitate the correct carrying out of the two concerts, Mayor Basile, to protect public safety, has issued union ordinance no. 252 of 27 November 2023 “the ban on the sale and/or administration, or the transfer to third parties for any reason, of alcoholic beverages exceeding 5% and the sale and/or administration of drinks or any other product in cans and/or glass containers – the use of which is in any case prohibited even if of personal origin – as well as the use of pepper spray – inside the “PalaRescifina” sports hall and within a radius of 500 meters from the same sports facility, as well as the practice of the CD. “touting”, i.e. the illegal buying and selling of tickets within a radius of 3 km from the external perimeter of the said Palazzetto, on the occasion of the concerts of LUCIANO LIGABUEscheduled for November 30, 2023 at 9 pm and December 1, 2023, also at 9 pm”.
The owners of 24-hour automatic drink vending machines located in the areas surrounding the sports hall are obliged to deactivate the distribution of drinks in cans and glass bottles and alcoholic drinks from 4pm on Thursday 30 November until 02.00 on Friday 1st December; and from 4.00 pm on Friday 1 December to 2.00 am on Saturday 2 December 2023;
Itinerant trade or the positioning of street vendors along the external perimeter of the PalaRescifina is also prohibited, including the surrounding streets and along the slip road of the San Filippo motorway junction; while the sale of gadgets and promotional material is permitted exclusively by authorized personnel who make up the staff. Finally, the same union provision authorizes the use of acoustic and phonic diffusion instruments in derogation of the acoustic limits.

Starting from 4.30 pm on Thursday 30 November and until 3.00 am on Friday 1 December and from 4.30 pm on Friday 1 December to 3.00 am on 2 December, THE PARKING AND TRANSIT PROHIBITIONS have been established:
in via degli Agrumi (bank road), in the sea-mountain direction, at the access to the intersection with via Sacra Famiglia;
in via Sacra Famiglia, in the stretch between via degli Agrumi and via 1 A, in order to allow the transit of ATM buses;
along the via degli Agrumi (embankment road), in the stretch between via Sacra Famiglia and the “PalaRescifina” facility, to make the pedestrian path possible on the north side of the road; and also allow the transit of shuttle buses made available to the organizers by ATM; of the shuttle for users coming from the ZIR car park; of the concert organisation’s vehicles; of mopeds, motorcycles and cars of the spectators who, equipped with special permits, will be able to park in the parking area belonging to the PalaRescifina, until it is full. .
Furthermore, the road provision envisaged dedicating the “guest” parking area (green area) of the “F.” stadium for the parking of buses coming from outside the city. Scoglio” until the same area is exhausted, in addition to the rest areas along the Via degli Agrumi, near the Press Tribuna; while in relation to the parking of spectator vehicles, equipped with a special permit, the “red” and “yellow” parking areas of the Stadium are available until the same areas are exhausted.

For the occasion, ATM Messina is re-proposing the shuttle bus service for the “Zir-PalaSport” route, which will allow all those going to the Ligabue concert to reach the PalaRescifina in complete comfort.
The shuttle service will be available on Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December, from 6.30pm to 9pm. The shuttles will then also be available to allow the public to exit safely at the end of the concert. To guarantee the best possible service to citizens and further alleviate the burden on city traffic, tram runs will also be increased, which will be active until the total outflow of the public. In addition to the dedicated shuttle, it will always be possible to use Line 1 Shuttle 100. The ticket is daily, at a cost of 4 euros, coupons can be purchased at automatic ticket machines (TVM), ATM boxes and Apps.

SHUTTLE BUS ATM: Via A. Celi, via N. Carosio (access road to the motorway junction), perimeter road of the “F. Scoglio”, via degli Agrumi (bank road), via Sacra Famiglia, via 1 A, via A. Celi.
MOPEDS, MOTORCYCLES AND SPECTATORS’ CARS: Via A. Celi, via N. Carosio (access road to the motorway junction), perimeter road of the “F. Scoglio”, via degli Agrumi (bank road) south side (part delimited by the longitudinal barrier);

The parking areas adjacent to the “Franco Scoglio” stadium in Messina indicated with colors:
YELLOW (10 minutes walk from the entrances); RED (10 minutes walk from the entrances); GREEN (10 minutes walk from the entrances);
INTERNAL PARKING PALARESCIFINA (1 minute walk from the entrances).