The tragedy of Corigliano Rossano: the railway section, the carcass of the truck and the regional train were seized


By John

Investigators at work to ascertain the correct reconstruction of the dynamics of the train accident which occurred yesterday evening in the Thurio district in the territory of Corigliano Rossano. In the collision between a regional train and a truck The conductor of the convoy, Maria Panzini, 60 years old from Catanzaro Lido, and a 24 year old of Moroccan origins, Said Hannanaoi, died who was driving the truck. Investigations conducted by the Carabinieri and the Railway Police have been launched into the matter and the Castrovillari Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation.

The railway line was seized, as well as the carcass of the truck and the regional train.

The investigators are also examining «the correct functioning of the systems, – it is written in a statement by the prosecutor Alessandro D’Alessio – the conduct of the subjects involved in the accident itself and, finally, the observance of all the precautionary rules that govern the delicate activity of train circulation and the intersection of such circulation with vehicular and pedestrian circulation. Particular attention, despite the firm need for a timely and rapid reconstruction of the facts, will also be paid to the need to restore, in the necessary time, normal railway circulation on the affected section”.