Railways, RFI launches the tender for the electrification of the third and final lot of the Ionian ridge


By John

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, the lead company of the Infrastructure Hub of the FS Group, has launched the tender for the executive design and construction of the electrification works on the Crotone-Catanzaro Lido sectionthird and last lot of the complex plan of interventions envisaged for the strengthening of the Lamezia Terme – Catanzaro Lido – Dorsale Jonica connection.

The tender, referring in particular to “Lot 2B”, has a value of approximately 28.5 million euros, financed with funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The project consists of the electrification of approximately 58 km of tracks between Crotone and Catanzaro Lido through the construction of three medium voltage electrical substations and the installation of the railway electric traction system, thus completing the preparatory works for setting up the poles already underway along the line as of 2018.

The publication of the tender notice, in continuity with the two launched last Octobercompletes the procedures for the implementation of the project approved by the Extraordinary Government Commissioner Roberto Pagone with Ordinance n.4 of 09/25/2023, divided into three functional lots:

• Speeding up, through route adjustments, of the Lamezia Terme–Settingiano section, and electrification of the Lamezia Terme–Catanzaro Lido section.

• Electrification of the Sibari–Crotone section

• Electrification of the Crotone–Catanzaro Lido section.

In fact, interventions will be carried out for the speeding up of approximately 29 km in the Lamezia Terme–Settingiano section, thanks to plano-altimetric and superelevation variants of the current line. They complete the picture of interventions the electrification of the 43 km of the Lamezia Terme–Catanzaro Lido section and approximately 112 km between Sibari and Crotone. The work has a total value of approximately 438 million euros.

Electrification will contribute to standardizing the characteristics of the Calabrian railway network in terms of traction systems, thus allowing the use of new electric trains, to create the conditions to improve the quality of connections with the areas of the Ionian coast with a strong tourist vocation and to the interconnection between the urban centers of Lamezia Terme, Crotone, Catanzaro Lido is improved, while at the same time creating the conditions for new service opportunities with the Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic ridges. The speeding up interventions will also make it possible to reduce travel times along the Lamezia Terme–Catanzaro Lido route.