Messina, Modica's last in Monopoli?


By John

In Monopoli for the last away match, for the match that closes the season of a Messina team that will take the field without ranking goals and therefore mentally freer than an opponent who has yet to achieve salvation. It could be an advantage for the Giallorossi, who will arrive in Puglia with a calm mind and the possibility of expressing themselves without anxiety, after the goal achieved by drawing with Potenza last Sunday.
Yesterday morning training under coach Modica: everyone present with the exception of Lino Ortisi, who ended the season early due to a collarbone problem. Today an afternoon session is scheduled, on Friday the finishing and immediately after lunch the departure for Monopoli. It remains to be seen whether the coach will decide to confirm an eleven very close to the starting one or will opt to give space to elements who have had less space during the season, like Piana between the posts, Zona in defense, Scafetta who has always been a wild card adaptable to multiple roles, Signorile in attack like a Cavallo who disappeared from the radar in the second round compared to the first leg. Lia and Frisenna return, which will also give the coach greater opportunities for choice.
Beyond the field options, what matters are the decisions that the owners will have to adopt to plan for the future. The first will inevitably have to concern the current technical structure, with the sporting director Domenico Roma and the coach Giacomo Modica, who await a meeting with the owners to understand what the intentions are in the future, both on the continuation of the relationship and on the project to be developed for next season (the two positions are not necessarily linked to each other).
As is now abundantly clear, there were differences of opinion on some points and even friction during the season, therefore basically we need to understand whether, especially with the coach, there is still mutual trust and a desire to raise the bar together. President Pietro Sciotto's hope, revealed in unsuspecting times at the end of 2023, was to try to conquer the playoffs for the first time under his management. A mission which, with a few less refereeing oversights and a little more attention, Messina could also have accomplished based on what they showed on the pitch and in terms of ideas.
The foundations therefore for starting over from what has been done this year, without opening the doors to a new revolution, would theoretically be there, but it will have to be understood whether the conditions necessary to continue coexistence exist. As will be remembered, last July after the weeks of emotional swings linked to continuing to lead the club and registering for the championship, Sciotto surprised everyone with a statement in which he “recalled” Modica, relaunching with the name of the “Zemanian” trainer ” his own adventure at the helm of Acr. Will a synthesis be found now or will it change? The important thing will be the timing, to plan the season in time, avoiding “ballets” and delays that have characterized past summers.