Messina, moments of fear at the “Famila” in via La Farina: he attempts a theft and tries to escape by running over an employee


By John

Moments of fear in the afternoon in a supermarket in the city center. A man tried to take away bottles and other foodstuffs from the “Famila” in via La Farina, but the employees noticed him and blocked him at the exit. The man managed to free himself and get into a car, a Mercedes Class A, and started racing at breakneck speed in the supermarket car park.. In the race he was about to hit an employee of the business who, fortunately, managed to dodge the car. The impact on the asphalt caused him some bruises and abrasions, but fortunately nothing serious.

The employee was taken to hospital, while the man managed to escape in the vehicle. The police, having arrived on site, are viewing the video surveillance cameras to track down the criminal.