Messina, Mondello’s announcement: “Wider sidewalks by March in Piazza del Popolo”


By John

A glance perceived by almost everyone. Even yesterday, many felt that the flame of vitality had been lit in Piazza del Popolo which from now on can only improve the quality of life. Be careful, however: the redevelopment now more than ever must be completed “from the portico side”, for a true cross-section of a European city. And in this regard we record the new commitments of the municipal councilor for public works Salvatore Mondello.
So Councilor Mondello, what is the plan for the announced 2 meter advancement of the “portico side” sidewalks?
«I don’t want to go overboard with precise dates, the observance of which perhaps isn’t guaranteed due to an unforeseen event, or perhaps due to the choice not to keep too many construction sites open in the same area, as we have already decided, after September. However, I can say that the work to widen the sidewalks of the porticoes will be carried out in the first three months of the new year. We can do this thanks to our budget funds (the 200,000 euro allocation dating back to the De Luca Administration, voted by the Council on the proposal of councilor Giovanni Caruso, ed.) and through a fairly quick procedure. At the same time, we will try, with residues or savings, while waiting for a project, to carry out the first improvements in the internal lighting of the porticoes. Which will naturally have to go through an agreement with the condominiums.”