Messina prepares for the counter-exodus, queues between Villafranca and Boccetta. All measures to manage traffic in the city


By John

Yesterday there was only one starter. A couple of hours of queues and slowdowns, a Phase 3 “window” around lunchtime, then, for the rest, substantial normality (given that in Messina, normality is always relative, when we talk about traffic and highways). The real boom in the counter-exodus is expected today and tomorrow, until Sunday. The Cas reports already queues and slowdowns on the A20 towards Messina, in the “usual” stretch Villafranca-Boccetta. A weekend marked by the red dot the one at the door, which however, according to some, could represent the real peak, even in comparison with last weekend (with a black dot), when the flows were managed without major worries.

Situation in Messina under control for now, with the queue of vacationers that does not go beyond the promenade. Slowdowns on the highway. “Heavy situation – confirms the commander Stefano Blasco – but no emergency”. The viable plan seems to be working.

The recommended exits for the Sicily-Calabria ferry

Autostrade Siciliane informs that, with reference to the counter-exodus and the expected increase in vehicular traffic, motorists who intend to ferry the Strait of Messina are advised to exit at the Messina Centro junction if heading to the Blueferries docks and at the Messina Giostra junction if heading to the docks Charon&Tourist.

Until 5 September the viable provisions in force to manage the operational phases of the counter-exodus

From yesterday, Thursday 24 August and until Tuesday 5 September, in the time slot 11-16, established:

  • the one-way traffic in the north-south direction in via Vittorio Emanuele II/viale della Libertà, in the section between piazza Unità d’Italia and viale Giostra, with the exception of vehicles directed to the embarkations of the Rada di San Francesco. A sign between via Vittorio Emanuele II and via Garibaldi will oblige vehicles not directed to the embarkations of the Rada di San Francesco, which must continue in a northerly direction, to take the aforementioned connecting road;
  • the obligatory direction to the right in viale della Libertà, direction of travel south-north at the intersection with viale Giostra, in order to exclusively allow entry into the so-called “serpentone” of the Rada di San Francesco for embarkation operations, providing for the continuous turning from viale della Libertà (south-north direction) for entry; during the 24 hours a day, until Tuesday 5 September, the permitted right and left directions in the central carriageway of viale Giostra, direction of travel upstream-sea, at the intersection with viale della Libertà.

The provision was ordered by the Urban Mobility service with an order dated Thursday 24 August, on the recommendation of the deputy mayor and councilor for Urban Mobility Salvatore Mondello following the meeting of the COV, to better manage the operational phases in the summer counter-exodus period, which affect the city ​​road system in the stretch of viale della Libertà between via Vittorio Emanuele and viale Giostra.