Messina runs towards the new season. Skip the test with Syracuse, Ads Kaggi will be at Marullo tomorrow


By John

The impact with the city could not be imagined better. The bath of warmth and colors that welcomed Messina upon their return after the retreat in Sila was a unique glance and a special emotion to consolidate and strengthen the bond between fans and team. Training at “L’Ambiente Stadium”, transformed into a curve with chants and flags, opened the second phase of the Giallorossi’s pre-season, who will work at the rate of two daily sessions to travel towards the league debut on 3 September on the Audace Cerignola field: resistance and exercises in yesterday’s morning training and tactics in the afternoon, with Ragusa and Pacciardi in the group and Ferrara and Buffa apart.
In the first test in the family, there was no shortage of indications on what the team has and, above all, on what it lacks.
At a tactical level, coach Modica confirmed his Zeman-style offensive style (4-3-3) with a high defense and fast game, while on the pitch the novelty was Domenico Franco, a man of order in the middle and back in yellow and red after almost ten seasons (it was 2014). An over reinforcement to be formalized but which Messina will have available after the midfielder born in 1992 has served the four-match disqualification remedied with Lucchese, from which he released himself. His engagement should be formalized shortly.
Coach Modica, however, is waiting for other elements and today should be left-back Giorgio Brogni’s day, born in 2001 at Atalanta, which guarantees youth and experience. Other grafts, especially in defense (right full-back), are linked to transfers, while what concerns the attack is an open discussion.
Sporting director Domenico Roma is always on the trail of a first striker who can help the club, without spending too much money, and of the coach, who will be able to develop his game with the right men in the right place.

Skip the test that the Giallorossi had scheduled at Marullo tomorrow afternoon against Syracuse. In the late morning, the Acr announced that the Aretusea team, although they had given availability for joint training on the 19th, today announced that they are no longer available. In its place there will be the Ads Kaggi (Promotion)

On Friday 25th, however, the Giallorossi should challenge coach Pippo Romano’s Licataanother ex and another team from the fourth series, to close with a third test before the debut (opponent to be determined) on Tuesday 29, while in the evening (8.30 pm) the official presentation of the team is scheduled in the renovated piazza Lo Sardo (or del Popolo) in what will be another predictable huge crowd for the Giallorossi team in the week that will end with their league debut.

The times of the first 5 races

In the meantime, the Serie C League has announced the program of the matches from the 1st to the 5th first leg on the dates and with the relative times.

Bold Cerignola- Messina Saturday 2/9 at 20.45

Messina-X Sunday 10/9 at 16.15 (probable a postponement)

Taranto-Messina Monday 18/9 at 20.45

Messina– Turris Thursday 21/9 at 18.30

Virtus Francavilla-Messina Sunday 24/9 at 20.45