Bridge over the Strait, Saccomanno (Lega Calabria): in Messina the bridge parade is a total failure


By John

«Announced as who knows what impressive demonstration of contrast to the bridge, it has instead proved to be a thousand-year-old flop! Very few people and of leftist extraction who have launched inconsistent slogans demonstrating that they absolutely do not know the true dynamics of the intervention. I would invite them to get better information and, therefore, to be well aware that the bridge is a central moment of interventions of great value for the growth of the territory. Starting with the high-speed train, which will finally be able to connect Rome-Palermo in a few hours, ending with the arrangement of the road plan which has very serious shortcomings”. This was stated by the regional commissioner of the League in Calabria, Giacomo Francesco Saccomanno.

«In conclusion, it can be said that the bridge is an attraction for the development of the areas and, therefore, a concrete way for the growth of Calabria and Sicily, which so far have been heavily abandoned by a policy that has always denied the challenges conferences on new technologies for the construction of a new south. The many no’s from the left are the most concrete demonstration of the failure of their policy and of the serious responsibility they have assumed in the many years of disastrous government, which has made Italy weak and insufficient in basic needs. A debacle that has cost the Italians a lot, especially in the field of energy and infrastructure. If today the prices of diesel, petrol, gas, electricity, etc., have shot up so much, worsening family costs, the responsibility lies solely with the left which has always said, inexplicably, no to the use wells, nuclear power plants, regasification plants, etc. Well, that time is over, even if it has left irreparable rubble on the field, which is now blocking a possible growth of Italy which, with difficulty, and thanks to the concreteness and foresight of Minister Salvini, will be able to restart and begin to give hope to the many young people who had to flee our land”.