Messina, “Should the I-Hub be born right there?”. Antonella Russo asks for more involvement


By John

The future of the I Hub area has now become an opportunity for debate. The concrete perception of the value of that area “stripped” of the buildings that had occupied it for decades without a purpose, stimulates the possibility of being able to design a very different future. In recent days we have recorded the speech of Mayor Basile who opened up the possibility of inserting green and common spaces within the original project of the Innovation Hub, a digital technology hub to be created in a modern structure in the center of the area where the Granary Silos, the Port's House and the general warehouses and the fish market were located. Yesterday also the former councilor Giuseppe Laface wanted to give his contribution to the debate.
Today Antonella Russo, councilor of the Democratic Party, through a question to Mayor Basile, Deputy Mondello and Director General Puccio, launches a series of questions that aim to find out what the real intentions of the administration are with regard to those spaces and those 71 millions available. Antonella Russo asks what the mayor's will is regarding the development of the area and whether it is always to create a technological hubwhich for its own mission could also be created in other areas of the city, even more decentralized with respect to the strategic nature of the area in question, or that of creating structures suitable to represent a strategic connection for the reception of tourists, for the continuation of the emerging cycle paths and pedestrian areas in the area, for the valorisation of an area of ​​immediate impact overlooking the sea, both from a commercial and tourist point of view and from a naturalistic point of view.