Messina, special award to the “La Farina-Basile” high school for the best school newspaper


By John

Special prize to the “La Farina-Basile” high school of Messina at the national competition “The best school newspaper Carmine Scianguetta”. The prestigious recognition for the paper section – upper secondary school category – reserved for the editorial staff of “Stoà” was awarded with a motivation that makes the school community of the Messina high school proud: “The newspaper appears with a graphic design typical of the journalistic style of pleasant and interesting read. The well-structured articles both in form and quality highlight an excellent path achieved by the young reporters already rewarded in the last edition with the “Afeltra” award. We hope that this activity will continue to enthuse them.”

The award ceremony for the prestigious award, now in its 24th edition, took place in Avellino in the Manocalzati Comprehensive Institute in the presence of the editorial staff of the newspaper of the La Farina high school in Messina. “Stoà – clarified Gregorio Rizzo Ugdulena as a representative of the newspaper – is a Greek term, transliterated into Italian, which indicates a typical structure of ancient Greek architecture, made up of covered passages and which is translated, precisely, as “ front porch”. The term Stoà – the student from the Peloritano high school recalled – also gave its name to a philosophical school, Stoicism, founded by Zeno of Citium. In fact, it was customary for the master to often find himself expounding and discussing his ideas with his disciples under a painted portico, the famous Stoa Pecile of the agora of Athens. And, therefore, Stoà – he concluded – is not a term chosen at random but fully reflects the critical and creative spirit that students have gradually acquired in their training as journalists”.