Messina, the Blue Ribbon Institute delivers the 2024 Blue Calendar to the commander of the “Aosta” Mechanized Brigade Maurizio Taffuri


By John

The president of the Messina Federation of the Blue Ribbon Institute among fighters decorated for military valor, Prof. Biagio Ricciardithe board of directors, represented by the provincial councilor Lt. Col. (rs) GdF Letterio Scilibertothe national councilor and president of the Dame committee Eleonora Salvo, they visited the commander of the “Aosta” Mechanized Brigade, General Maurizio Taffuri to whom during the meeting they handed over the 2024 Blue Calendar. On this occasion Prof. Ricciardi wanted to comment on the contents of the valuable historical illustration of 2024 dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Institute, precisely in order to highlight and share with the General Officer the great value demonstrated by our population in the most extreme and difficult conditions experienced on the battlefield.
In the cordial conversation, which also took place in the presence of Lt. Col. Arturo Sciarrone and Lt. Col. Francesco Bonavitathe commander of the “Aosta” Brigade expressed his interest in the initiatives promoted by the Federation, with particular reference to those towards young people.
Prof. Ricciardi, Lt. Col. Sciliberto and Dr. Salvo wanted, on this occasion, to reiterate the personal availability of the members in previous circumstances such as the donation to the Brigade, leaving for the UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), of 4 gazebos for the civilian population. The president thanked the top authority of the Brigade for the constant collaboration in the ongoing activities of the Federation in synergy with the Great Unity of the Army, and among the various shared projects the visit to the shrine for the recognition of the memory was mentioned .