Messina, the board of directors of the Civil Chamber is renewed: Filloramo confirmed as president


By John

They ended with the confirmation of Rosaria Filloramo at the helm of the Association, the renewal operations of the Board of Directors and of the social offices of the Civil Chamber of Messina for the three-year period 2024/2027.

The climate of sharing that characterized the election of the new Council allowed the presentation of a single list focused on the implementation of a substantial program that will see the Association engaged on multiple fronts over the next three years. The Councilors will work there: Daniele Arrigo And Gaetano Mercadante (vice presidents), Paola Barbaro (secretary) Maria Luisa Calderonio (treasurer), Giovanna Caffarella, Dario Carbone, Giuseppe Magrofuoco, Felice Martino, Rosa Nastasi, Antonio Roberti, Giovanna Saija, Goffredo Sturniolo, Antonio Tesoro, Pasquale Verbaro.

The Honorary Presidents: Antonella Pustorino and Filippo Fusco. The Board of Arbitrators: Giovanni Arena, Giovanni Giacoppo Massimo Mazzullo, and again: Antonio Maria Cardillo, Giovanni Macrì Pellizzeri. The delegations and commissions will be defined at the next meeting. The President and the Board recognize and thank the outgoing Board of Directors for the work successfully carried out.