Teatri di Naso, on stage “Occam's Razor” by Giusi Arimatea directed by Giovanni Maria Currò


By John

Second date with “Theatres of Naso”the program of contemporary Italian dramaturgy, on stage in the “Vittorio Alfieri” theater of the nebroid municipality. After the great success achieved by “Pèriplo”, by and with Gaspare Balsamo, Sunday 28 April, at 6 pm, it will be the turn of “Occam's Razor”written by Giusi Arimatheawriter and playwright, e Giovanni Maria Currò (who is also the director), played by Alessio Bonaffini, Tino Calabrò and Mauro Failla, produced by Clan degli Attori di Messina.

«We are satisfied with the event that is taking place in our splendid Vittorio Alfieri theater – says the mayor of Naso, Gaetano Nanì – but above all we are very happy with how it was received by the Nebrodi public. We believe we have hit the mark because our initiative, also thanks to the great availability of commercial activities, allows us to guarantee a pleasant “after theater” experience for all guests. In fact, after each “Teatri di Naso” event there is the possibility of spending the rest of the evening in our splendid town: the participating restaurants will in fact apply special discounts to those who show the entrance ticket. One more reason to continue choosing the city of Naso, where it is possible to spend pleasant days.”

“Ockcam's Razor” is a show that has enjoyed great success with the public wherever it has been performed. It is set on an important date in recent Italian history: May 9, 1978, the day in which the body of Aldo Moro was found in the trunk of a red Renault 4, in via Caetani in Rome. Thanks to the radio, national news breaks into a typical Southern shaving salon, where the big story mixes with the much smaller story of three men, immersed in an apparently peaceful daily life. Among the notes of the hits of that moment, it is discovered that each of the three has a past to forget and a future partly to be written. Everything – directly or transversally – that affects the three men, on an ordinary morning, which has suddenly become important, therefore requires an explanation. Occam's razor theory leans towards the simplest one: will it really be like this?

Meanwhile, the first two shows of the “Spring Boys and Girls” program went on stage, very well received by the little ones, namely “Hello” and “Piccoli miti di mare”. The third and last, on May 26, will be “The crafty tailor”, by Michelangelo Maria Zanghì.

After “Ockcam's Razor”, the next appointment with “Teatri di Naso”, the event strongly supported by Municipality of Naso and of which he is artistic director Roberto Zorn Bonaventurawith the organization of the cultural association “Sancho Panza Castle”will be “Era October” by Tino Caspanello, who is also its author and performer, with Tino Calabrò, on the bill on Saturday 18 May.

“Teatri di Naso” benefits from the support of Latitudini, a Sicilian dramaturgy network, the technical direction of Stefano Barbagallo and the graphics of Riccardo Bonaventura.