European: names of leaders in the symbols of the right, opposite choice for the left


By John

The right chooses to always highlight the name of the leader in its symbols, even if he is deceased. The left chooses the opposite path. This is the political data of the presentation of the 42 labels at the Interior Ministry for the 2024 European elections, the deadline for which expired at 4 pm. On 30 April and 1 May the respective lists will be presented in the Courts of Appeal of Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples and Palermo.
FdI, FI, Lega the names of 'Giorgia Meloni', 'Berlusconi Presidentè and 'Salvini Prime Minister' are clearly visible. The Berlusconi heirs have given their green light to Tajani to use the name of the former Italian prime minister. Pd, M5s and Avs choose not to write the leader's name on their symbol.
'Action' it has Calenda's name prominently displayed. The United States of Europe has the name of Emma Bonino in a very small way in the sub-symbol of More Europe.
For the rest, Cateno De Luca, Marco Rizzo, Francesco Toscano, Marco Cappato also wrote their names on their symbol. The names of Pirozzi, Rizzi and Capitano Ultimo appear in small letters on the composite sign of “Libertà-South calls North”.
As regards the political meaning of the symbols, FdI chooses to maintain and enlarge the tricolor flame.
The League retains Alberto da Giussano's broadsword and the words 'Salvini prime minister'.
FI maintains the reference to 'Berlusconi President' one year after the leader's death. The alliance with Us Moderates is made explicit in the symbol. The UDC, which was part of Noi Moderates in 2022, nevertheless presented its own mark.

The Democratic Party does not write Elly Schlein's name in the symbol and retains the reference to the PSE.
M5s keeps the figure '2050', the year of the desired climate neutrality, and adds the hashtag with the word 'peace'.
The symbol 'United States of Europe' has the subsymbols of 'More Europe with Bonino', Iv, Psi, Italian Radicals, 'Libdem', 'Italy is at the centre'.
'Action' carries with it the sub-symbols of PRI, 'European Republicans', 'Liberal Socialist', 'Nos' and 'Team K'.
'Freedom-South calls North' has many subsymbols, including 'Great North', 'Civici Pirozzì, 'Fronte verdè, 'Capitano Ultimo', 'Vità, 'Popolo Veneto', 'Popolo della famiglià, 'Pensionati', 'Italexit '.
Some parties have chosen to deposit the symbol at the Interior Ministry with their own prominent representatives. The first to show up on Sunday at 8 in the morning was the former deputy minister Laura Castelli of 'Freedom-South calls North'. The deputy and treasurer of the group was present for Fdi Angelo Rossi. For M5s the leader and former prime minister Giuseppe Conte. For the League, the Minister for Regional Affairs Roberto Calderoli. For FI the electoral officer Alessandro Battilocchio. For Forza Nuova the leader Roberto Fioreconvicted at first instance for the attack on the CGIL headquarters on 9 October 2021.