Messina, the incoming Giostra junction closed today. Viaduct Retiro, yet another postponement: it will be another summer of passion


By John

The most immediate news is that which concerns the modification of the road system, while the medium-term news is linked to the end of the works on the viaduct most mentioned (and also cursed) by the people of Messina.
Today and tomorrow the entrance to the Giostra junction, both towards Catania and towards Palermo, will be blocked in the busiest time slot, the one from 7am to 7pm. Therefore all those who wish to take the ring road from the northern area will have to do so using Boccetta , “occupying” the ring road or the seafront. The Giostra exit ramp is open, obviously only for those coming from Boccetta. The stop to normal motorway traffic is due to the intervention of a large crane on the construction site of the nearby Ritiro viaduct. A useful vehicle for one of the last large loads necessary for the completion of the safety and almost complete reconstruction of the 925 meter bridge which has continued since 2016.
And here we move onto the most delicate topic that can be defined the final sprint of a marathon whose finish line, in recent years, has seemed to move further and further away. Too far. And now? «We believe that the Ritiro viaduct can be reopened at the end of July», says the technical director of the Cas Darius Constantine which follows step by step the evolution of the construction site which President Franco Fazio has defined as “the number one priority of the Consortium”.
According to the current timetable, therefore, Toto Costruzioni should conclude its activity at the end of June. Then the testing times would begin which Cas itself estimates at 4 weeks only for the static one which can give the green light to the use of the bridge in both directions at full potential