Messina, the port of Tremestieri becomes a political case: there is a tough clash between Lega and Basile


By John

The port of Tremestieri becomes a political case. Irony of fate, the two forces that walked arm in arm in the electoral campaign that led to Federico Basile’s triumph are clashing: Nino Germanà’s League and, indeed, the current municipal administration. But this is just the outline. At the center is the future of the most important public work in the city, mired in delays by the contractor, interventions by the judicial authorities and ended up at the most difficult crossroads: start from scratch or choose the shortcut, albeit expensive, that has been created in the meantime? The certainty is that ua contract created with an amount of just over 64 million euros will now exceed 100 million (42 million more are needed), and if it is true that in the meantime prices have skyrocketed due to the crisis linked to the war in Ukraine, it is also true that, on paper, those works should have been completed well before the war itself. Delays are expensive. And there have been those who, like the Uil union, have turned the spotlight on those delays several times over the years, ending up today by claiming «the absolute correctness and linearity of our position which, with coherence and foresight, we bring been going on for a long time.”
But the case is political, precisely, because the game will be played not only on the continuation of the contract, but also – and above all – on the governance that will manage it: again the Municipality, until now the contracting authority, or a government commissioner?
In the dock – the accusation, in this case, is represented by Lega and Uil – ends the resolution with which the Basile council, in mid-July, said yes to the transaction with Nuova Coedmar. Transaction in which it is put in writing that «the amount of the works still to be carried out remains set at 85,369,101 euros». Almost in parallel with that agreement, at the end of June, the Municipality formally asked the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (led by the Northern League member Matteo Salvini, it must be remembered because it is not a detail) for the resources to deal with the completion of the work.