Messina, two days of great celebration: Corpus Domini and Madonna della Lettera THE PROGRAM


By John

Messina begins to experience two days of great celebration in the sign of devotion and tradition today and tomorrow, on the occasion of Corpus Domini and the Madonna della Lettera.

In fact, due to the liturgical calendar, the processions of the SS. Sacramento and the simulacrum of the celestial patroness will be held consecutively on the first weekend of the month. Two important moments in which the city will welcome the ordinary abbot of the territorial abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore in Tuscany, the Benedictine Don Diego Gualtiero Rosa. He will preside over the solemn mass at 6pm in the Cathedral this evening which will precede the procession of the Blessed Sacrament escorted by the Sacred Militia of the Greens, with the participation of the parish communities of the city. Along the route, three stops will be made for Eucharistic adoration, at the altars set up in Corso Cavour, Via Tommaso Cannizzaro and Via Garibaldi respectively by the communities of the co-cathedral of the Santissimo Salvatore in the Archimandrite and the parishes of Carmine and Santa Caterina. The procession, which will see the participation of the sick accompanied by Unitalsi volunteers and the other brotherhoods of the city, will be joined as per tradition by the silver Vascelluzzo carried on the shoulders by the bearers of the S. Maria di Portosalvo brotherhood, preceded by the.

Tomorrow, the feast of the Madonna della Lettera, at 11am in the Cathedral the solemn pontifical celebration will be concelebrated by Abbot Rosa with Archbishop Giovanni Accolla and auxiliary Cesare Di Pietro, in the presence of the highest civil, military and academic authorities. At the end of the mass the act of entrustment and the offering of the candle to Mary by the diocesan interconfraternal centre. At 6.30 pm the procession of the simulacrum of the Madonna della Lettera will travel through the streets of the center accompanied by the canons of the protometropolitan chapter of the Cathedral Basilica and of the chapters of the co-cathedrals of the Santissimo Salvatore and Santa Lucia del Mela, by the priests, men and women religious, by the community of the archbishop's seminary, confraternities, pious associations and of course by the faithful. In the evening, at 10.30pm, the evocative projection on the façade of the Cathedral of the video mapping “Do what he tells you”; followed by a fireworks display from the Caperrina hill, in the churchyard of the Montalto sanctuary. During the two days of the celebration, Piazza Duomo will be embellished with the mosaic created by the Madonnari di Sicilia.