Messina, work is underway on the “after Croce” at Palazzo Zanca


By John

Before becoming judicial, the Croce case was born in Palazzo Zanca and returns to Palazzo Zanca, albeit in an evidently changed general framework. If until a few days ago the two main issues that concerned Maurizio Croce – the double role of municipal councilor and implementer of the office against hydrogeological instability and the record of absences in the courtroom – were the pertinence of politics, today politics itself must deal with the consequences of a judicial earthquake and how to manage the “after” .
The first effect of Croce's arrest was the suspension of the office of municipal councilor by the Prefecture. The suspension alone, however, is not sufficient to proceed with a subrogation of Croce, that is, the replacement of him in the city council with one of the non-elected ones. And here the second effect comes into play: the resignation presented by Croce himself on Friday evening, with a certified email sent by a trusted lawyer of the Forza Italia exponent (actually “former”, because he was also suspended there by the party leaders ).
But here's the little twist: those resignations, at the moment, are not considered valid by the president of the city council Nello Pergolizzi, who consulted with the general secretary. Although attached to that PEC there is a document signed by Croce, in which he communicates “his irrevocable resignation from the above-mentioned position (councillor, editor's note), for strictly personal reasons”, it would not appear to be a delegation on the part of Croce himself to the lawyer in question for sending the email to the Municipality. A formalism, nothing more, which for now is holding Pergolizzi back.