MessinaSerivizi, tons of waste collected in record time after the Vara procession


By John

By midnight the streets of the Vara were already cleared. A record intervention by the men and women of Messina Servizi who yesterday went into action immediately after the passage of the procession. And so already from Piazza Castronovo, immediately after the departure, the maxi operation was triggered to clean up the streets along which thousands and thousands of faithful had poured. The entire Via Garibaldi with the various squares and the traffic island, but also Corso Cavour and Piazza Duomo.

Eight operators were employed and 4 5 cubic meter rammers and a sweeper were used

Yesterday’s commitment was added to what the operators had already made on the eve along the same arteries, and above all at dawn on August 15th on the beaches which were frequented by many Messina residents during the night. To this must be added the door-to-door collection service which was also guaranteed on the evenings of 14 and 15 August

Interdonato: “Company in constant growth”

The president of Messina Servizi Maria Grazia Interdnato is satisfied: “Today MessinaServizi is a company which, thanks to the work started with Mayor De Luca and today in continuity with Mayor Basile, is constantly growing in terms of organization and timeliness”.

Nothing bulky at the ecological islands until 21

Messina Servizi, in recent days has announced that due to the brief closure of the external disposal plant for holidays, until 21 August bulky waste cannot be transferred in the ecological islands of the city which instead remain open for other services