Middle East, 82nd day of war: Israel’s attacks continue


By John

On the 82nd day of the war unleashed by the violent Hamas attack in Israel, on October 7, Israel’s attacks in the Gaza Strip continue, and despite continuous international appeals for a truce, Israeli leaders have predicted a long war. Five days after the adoption of a Security Council resolution on humanitarian aid in Gaza, the United Nations has appointed a new person responsible for coordinating it, the Dutch Sigrid Kaag; Despite the resolution, there have been no significant improvements in aid inflows in recent days while negotiations on a truce are also at a standstill. Furthermore, all telephone and internet connections remain blocked.

This morning, a new Israeli raid in the West Bank caused 6 deaths, bringing the death toll in the occupied area to over 300. Meanwhile, Israeli Armed Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari underlined that “as we pursue our goal of defeating Hamas, we do so by acting with caution and attention towards the civilians of Gaza who are suffering in this war that Hamas has inflicted on all of us”, and that «we will continue our important mission to defeat Hamas and save our hostages, for a better future in the region».
Witnesses reported airstrikes and ground fighting in Khan Younes, in the south of the Gaza Strip, but also of intense bombing on the refugee camps of al-Maghazi and al-Boureij, in the center of the territory. In the north, there was heavy fighting at dawn in the cities of Gaza and Jabaliya. In addition to the 1,140 Israeli casualties on October 7, 164 soldiers were killed in these two and a half months of war. Of the 250 hostages taken by Hamas, 129 are still prisoners, 15 of whom are women. The victims of the Israeli attacks on Gaza are 20,915 according to the latest toll released by Hamas.

According to Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen, Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan is not limited to the destruction of Hamas: “They want to get rid of the Palestinians and the authority,” he accused yesterday on Egyptian TV. “What is happening in the Palestinian territory these days goes beyond catastrophe and genocide,” he added. During the night, US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim ben Hamad al-Thani, whose country was a mediator in the negotiations that allowed a truce at the end of last month. According to what emerged from official sources, they discussed diplomatic activity for the release of the hostages and for the ceasefire. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani also returned to talk about the situation, hoping that what is underway in the Middle East does not turn into a “conflict between Jews, Christians and Muslims, between East and West”.