Milazzo, fines at the traffic lights in San Giovanni: refunds to citizens who are late


By John

Another appendix to the question of high fines from cameras to San Giovanni traffic light. After the protests and appeals that have characterized recent months and the resolution of many disputes through appeals to the justice of the peace, there is now a new problem that arises from those sentences. In fact, those who were right and also had their legal expenses recognized continue to receive nothing from the Municipality. A story that led the consumer association Udicon to write to the mayor and the commander of the local police to request such refunds. «The appeals – we read in the document – ​​were accepted with an order to pay the costs for the Municipality of Milazzo and/or even just with the distribution of the costs as a unified contribution paid by the institution. To date, however, no user has received what is due.”. Hence the request to settle the issue and reimburse the citizens who were forced to shell out these sums, just under 50 euros to avoid having to pay the fine and suffer the reduction of points from their driving license for an infringement which they say (and said by the judges) would not have committed or at least would have been penalized in an erroneous manner compared to the provisions of the highway code.