Cosenza, paid only half a salary to the 134 Amaco employees


By John

Half a breath of fresh air for the over one hundred Amaco employees and their familiesAnd. It corresponds to the payment of half a salary. That of November, from the 17th to the 30th. The fourteenth, the month of October and of course the first sixteen days of November are still missing. But Christmas is upon us and it is not clear how and when and with what maneuver we will be able to guarantee our December entitlements, both the salary and the thirteenth salary. A cul de sac from which he will not be able to emerge due to how complicated the situation has become. It is hoped that in the meeting on Thursday 7th at the Region the unions will obtain some clear, 360-degree answers.
In the meantime, Angelo Cozzetto of the Rsa Uil clarified regarding the position of the twelve traffic auxiliaries.
«They too are part of the TPL system having been hired with the national collective labor agreement for autoferrotramvieri», explains Cozzetto, «carrying out the tasks corresponding to their parameter. This staff (Qualified Mobility Operators), in turn, is “also” employed as traffic auxiliaries, having the legal requirements because the company has the concession for the blue stripe stalls.