Theft of wood in Petronà, two arrests by the forestry police in the Sila National Park


By John

In a coordinated action, i Carabinieri of the Park Units Of Zagarise, Cotronei, Monk And Savelli midfield have arrested two men for the theft of wood in the municipality of Petrona. The suspects, originally from Petilia Policastro And Mesoracawere caught while cutting a beech tree 80 cm in diameter, with some of the wood already loaded onto two trucks.

One of the two was already known to the authorities for a similar episode. After an escape attempt, the Carabinieri found the fugitives, one in land owned by him and the other in his home. They were then arrested and taken to the Nucleus Cotroneiand placed under house arrest for the aggravated theft of woody material owned by the municipality of Marcedusa, in the territory of Petronà. The trucks, chainsaws and around 50 quintals of wood were also seized.

Finally, the two men were taken to the Court of Crotone for a very direct trial, where the arrest and kidnapping were validated, with the order to report to the authorities daily.