Miss Italian mother in Calabria, the 35-year-old from Mesoraca Maria De Los Angeles Diaz Cedeno wins


By John

The selections for “Miss Mamma Italiana 2024” continue throughout Italy, a national beauty and friendliness competition which has reached its 31st edition this year, curated by Te.Ma Spettacoli di Paolo Teti (creator and patron of the Competition) and reserved for all mothers aged between 25 and 45, with a “Gold” band for mothers aged 46 to 55 and an “Evergreen” band for mothers over 56 years.
“Miss Mamma Italiana” supports “Arianne” a non-profit association for the fight against endometriosis, a chronic, progressive and disabling disease, still little known, which in Italy affects almost 4 million women since adolescence and which, for this reason, must be well known to allow spontaneous activation in case of suspicious symptoms.

In the “Eden Park” event hall in Cosenza, a selection valid for the election of “Miss Mamma Italiana 2024” took place. The participating mothers, in addition to parading on the catwalk in elegant clothes, took a skill test (such as singing, dancing, illustrating gastronomic recipes, engaging in gymnastic exercises and creative and artistic tests), which represented their personality.
The jury proclaimed the winner of the selection Maria De Los Angeles Diaz Cedeno, 35 years old, pastry chef and cake decorator, of Cuban origins, resident in Mesoraca, mother of Valerio and Asia, aged 14 and 10; the “Miss Mamma Italiana GOLD” band (reserved for mothers aged 46 to 55) went to Valentina Marano, 53 years old, traffic auxiliary, from Casali del Manco, mother of Cesare, Mattia and Thimoty, aged 29, 27 and 21 years; while Giuliana Carolina Montesanti, 68 years old, housewife, from Lamezia Terme (CZ), mother of Gaia and Valerio, aged 49 and 47, won the “Miss Mamma Italiana Evergreen” band (reserved for mothers over 56 years old) .

These are the other mothers awarded:
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Bridesmaid” FRANCESCA RODÀ, 38 years old, housewife, from Bruzzano Zeffirio (RC), mother of Francesco, Giusy, Ambra and Ahmet, aged 17, 16, 12 and 5;
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Dolcezza” FEDERICA FASANELLA, 34 years old, beautician, from Cosenza, mother of Kristel and Nicholas, aged 8 and 2;
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Eleganza” SERENA RUSSO, 33 years old, housewife, from Corigliano Rossano (CS), mother of Alessio, Cristian and Angelo, aged 9, 6 and 5;
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Fashion” LAURA RADAC, 38 years old, mindfulness instructor, from Cosenza, mother of 16 year old Francesca;
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Gold Sportiva” TIZIANA PANTUSA, 54 years old, housewife, from Castro Libero (CS), mother of Antonio and Andrea, aged 29 and 25;
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Gold Sprint” SANDIE RICCIARDI, 53 years old, teacher, from Condrò (ME), mother of Marco and Luca, aged 28 and 18;
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Gold Smile” MARIANNA CIRILLO, 55 years old, image consultant, from Galatro (RC), mother of Serena and Alessia, aged 35 and 33;
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Gold Solare” MARIA STELLA ROBERTI, 49 years old, housewife, from Galatro (RC), mother of Bartolo and Lucia, aged 30 and 26;
– “Miss Mamma Italiana Gold Radiosa” DENISE LUCANTE, 53 years old, housewife, from Cosenza, mother of Vincenzo and Cesare, aged 31 and 29.