More competitions in the Municipality of Messina: news for officials and municipal police within the year


By John

Old and new competitions that intersect in the autumn of Palazzo Zanca. In the shadow of a final budget that will be approved 12 months after the end of the accounting year, the revolving doors of the Municipality are enriched with two new chapters. The first concerns the municipal police, the second the officials who could arrive by putting their salary into the Government’s account. Let’s start with the agents. By the end of the year, if the authorization procedure of the Ministry of the Interior is successful, the competition for 100 new traffic policemen will be launched. But the new arrivals in the Corps (by the way, on Friday there will be the first public outing of the new commander Maurizio Cannavò) will be more. The other news concerns the Municipality officials. The expression of interest notice which launches the extraordinary hiring plan for cohesion policy has been published on the website of the Department for Cohesion Policies and in the section dedicated to notices.