Moscow threatens the US: “Do not make fatal mistakes in Ukraine”


By John

Moscow warned the United States against miscalculations that could have “fatal” consequences, after the decision to allow the Ukrainians to use American weapons to attack deep into Russian territory. The warning was launched by Deputy Foreign Minister Serghei Ryabkov, quoted by Tass.

“I would like to warn the Americans against miscalculations that could have fatal consequences,” said Ryabkov, according to whom, “for some unknown reason the US underestimates the seriousness of the response they could receive.” The deputy minister added that Russia's responses to Ukrainian attacks on its military facilities, including the strategic missile warning system, could be “asymmetric”. “The attitude of the Americans – insisted Ryabkov – is as irresponsible as possible. They have given carte blanche to Kiev for every crime, for every action of this kind, and they are doing nothing to stop the dangerous provocative actions of their minions there will certainly be a price to pay.”