Spadafora: the objective is to bring the country back to the glories of the past


By John

A historical name, linked to the noble lineage that conquered the territory in 1459. Ancient vocations, especially commercial and maritime ones, which have placed it in the limelight for a long time. A certainly prestigious past, which for many remained confined only to old black and white images. Good memories, those of the best Spadafora. Distant reminiscences that should give the right impetus for the town to return to the deserved stage. In a sort of competition between neighboring municipalities, today the Tyrrhenian center of not even five thousand souls pays a price compared to the neighboring ones of Rometta and Venetico. It is no coincidence that it is in these last two locations that most of the “Messina residents” have established their summer residence in complexes, villas and seaside houses that have sprung up like mushrooms. In the middle, in fact, there is Spadafora, who aims to rise from the quicksand and run towards a future of development. And the goals, the projects, perhaps the dreams oriented in this direction regularly re-emerge during the electoral campaigns. Recurring promises during rallies, then called to the litmus test of the facts. Candidates for mayor with many recipes in their pockets, to be “prepared” in the best possible way to feed citizens eager for rebirth. True and concrete.
Tania Venuto will therefore try again, in the wake of the administrative continuity of a program undertaken five years ago, when she prevailed by just 38 points over the defeated candidate Lillo Pistone. The current (and outgoing) tenant of the building which stands on Piazza Vittorio Emanuele will reappear in the presence of the Spadaphoresi and Spadaforesi asking them for trust again. And – according to the draw carried out yesterday at the Municipality – it will be she, a very well-known pharmacist even before wearing the tricolor sash for the first time, who will speak last from the stage in the square. next Friday, thus closing a hard-fought electoral campaign, just as the vote itself promises to be uncertain. Venuto needs another five years of government to complete his project, in the wake of an adventure that began with some “teammates” and has now been relaunched with other forces, some of which are “fresh and young”, like herself he claims.
On his path he will once again find Lillo Pistone, building contractor and minority group leader in the city council. A double role into which he has immersed himself deeply, but of which he now (and for at least five years) wants to play only the first. His great aspiration is in fact to regain his revenge on the mayor, after having carried out a very tough opposition, perhaps the most “fierce” of recent times in the municipalities of the Tyrrhenian area between Villafranca and Milazzo. He countered Pistone point after point. He has never made concessions to the Venuto Administration and is strongly determined to “restore dignity” to his fellow citizens from a top position.
The absolute novelty compared to the competition of 28 April 2019 is called Pinuccio Nomefermo, manager of a Patronato along the busy Via Nazionale of Spadafora. He presents himself as “the alternative” to all those he defines as “political dinosaurs”: the outgoing administration and the outgoing opposition. He defines himself as the new one who is advancing, the one who wasn't there until now, thanks to the support of very young people and an association that intends to lay the foundations for a better future for the country. Nomefermo is sure to win the highest seat in the Town Hall and to have the full support of the community.
Another lap, another race then. With a single common denominator: restoring prestige to Spadafora. Hoc proud.