Municipality of Catanzaro, many political matches open in view of the majority vote


By John

There are two plans for the new municipal administration plan scheduled after the European elections: administrative and political. Mayor Nicola Fiorita said it clearly in recent days, probably ahead of expectations.
For the first aspect, it will be a matter of lining up the fruits of the work done so far – results, projects, prospects, ideas – obviously weighing the time frame available to each councillor, since, as highlighted in these columns in recent days, some Council members have already been in office for almost two years, while others have not even been in office for one.
From a political point of view, however, it is probable that the contents are still to be written. And they should be those determined by the results of the European vote, on which each member of the administration has their own candidates to support and whose final result, in terms of votes collected in the city, will be brought to the discussion table when it is convened.